Are You Sleeping Well At Night?

A good question. It is a good question that needs a good, honest answer should you wish to be helped at this time. Before responding as honestly as possible to the question, try and think carefully enough whether or not you are getting enough sleep at night. Also take into account work-related factors. For instance, many of you might have been working from home for a while already, since long before COVID-19 had any influence on your work/life circumstances and/or patterns.

For instance, there may be work from home professionals who have managed to include what is often referred to as the power nap to their afternoon or mid-morning breaks. The power nap lasts no more than an hour and, amazingly, could even be as short as twenty minutes. The main thing is is that so-called power nappers are getting real shut eye. You may just find that such folks are also able to sleep less at night.

getting enough sleep

But having done so this does not necessarily follow that they are not getting enough sleep at night. In fact, there are those who are even able to get by with four hours sleep a night. But it becomes a case of; kids, please do not try this at home. Just because it is now sufficient for a sixty-five-year-old gentleman, recently retired, does not mean that it is helpful for a 26-year-old productive guy or girl. Indeed, the recommendation has always been for a minimum of six to eight hours sleep a night.

Even so, you might be getting up to ten hours a sleep a night, and that may not be ideal. Ten hours sleep a night and you are still feeling tired? Something is quite clearly not right and needs to be checked.