Big Date Night? Here are Four Tips to an Inspired and Creative Beauty Routine!

Romance is in the air and that means date nights. Whether you and your sweetheart are having your first date or your thousandth, there’s still something fun and exciting about getting ready for an evening spent hand-in-hand on the town.

This article is all about getting ready for a date. What do you do? What do you wear? You can get a little creative with your beauty routine, so let us inspire you with a few lovey-dovey suggestions.

Side note: Remember that confidence is sexy. If you have confidence in yourself and passion for who you are, your date is sure to love everything about you. And if not, good riddance.

Take a Shower or a Bath in Your Favorite Body Wash

Do you feel amazing when you smell nice? Strive to feel beautiful in your own skin with a soak in body wash that you love. Vanilla? Lavender? Green apple? Pick a scent that will turn heads in the best, lingering ways.

Do the Beauty Things that Make You Feel Good!

Not everyone is savvy to how to wing your eyeliner or how hair extensions work, but there are tutorials galore for those kinds of things. Do the beauty stuff that makes you feel on top of the world. Build your confidence by believing that you look great in whatever you do to prep for your romantic night.

Pick Out an Outfit that is Activity Appropriate

If you’re going to the bowling alley, don’t wear a formal gown. If you’re going to a fancy dinner at an upscale restaurant, don’t wear ripped blue jeans. Your outfit should be well-planned to be comfortable but appropriate for whatever activity your date has planned.

how hair extensions work

When getting ready for a date, remember that your confidence will shine through when you feel good. Feeling good means looking good, so be your amazing and passionate self to spark the embers of love in your date.